Visual Effect (or short for VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. These things make Trove more attractive and more lively with a billion of colorful particles, without them will make Trove become a classic game as same as the building block games with an additional is adventure.

Visual Effect accounting about 76% of the entire game's size.


The list below shows the most obvious visual effect was being seen in game and italic texts mean unreleased or hidden, usually replaced by "TBA" if the respective visual effects name is unknown.

● Point your mouse at the image to see the content how do they spawn (if they do)

Shadow Giant spawn effect Treasure Chest spawn effect
Enemy Shadow Giant
Shadow Giant
Treasure Chest
Boss Modifications
Healing affix Purple Beam affix Bees affix Clone affix
Healing Purple Beam Bee Halo Mirror
Gravity affix Ice Comet affix Meteor affix Vortex affix
Gravity Well Ice Comet Meteor Vortex
Spiders affix Mushroom Master affix Nova affix Teleport affix
Spiders Mushroom Master Nova Teleport
Toxic affix Turret affix Glowing red affix Glowing green affix
Toxic Turret Tank or Bulky Hard Hitter
Glowing blue affix Ignite affix Shadow Shrike affix Bones affix
Speedy Ignite Shadow Shrike Skeletons
Shadow Drone affix Shadow Chicken affix 200px Sawblade affix
Shadow Drone Shadow Chicken Thorns Sawblade
Cloning affix Frozen Touch affix Gravity Well Force buff Snowflake affix
Cloning Frozen Touch Gravity TBA
White Snowflake affix Fuse Bomb affix
TBA Fuse Bomb
Other Effects
Healing Totem buff Purple Beam buff Purple Beam Impact buff Bone Explosion buff
Healing Totem Purple Beam Purple Beam Impact Bone Explosion
Fuse Bomb Explosion buff Gravity Well Forces buff Meteor Impact buff Ice Comet Impact buff
Fuse Bomb Explosion Gravity Well Force Meteor Impact Ice Comet Impact
Mirror Image Spawn buff Mushroom Plant Spawn buff Mushroom Men Transformed buff Nova Impact buff
Mirror Image Spawn Mushroom Plants Spawn Mushroom Men Transformed Nova Impact
Nova Muzzle Flash buff Nova Projectile buff Spider Debuff buff Teleported buff
Nova Muzzle Flash Nova Projectile Spider Debuff Teleported
Flamethrower Projectile buff Vortex Area buff Vortex Beam buff
Turret Flamethrower Vortex Area Vortex Beam
Boss Effect
Lair & Dungeon Boss
Golden Beetle aura effect Wind up Punch effect Ice Breath effect Flying Cannonbot Prop Spin effect
Golden Beetle Aura Wind up Punch Ability Ice Breath Ability Prop Spin
Flying Cannonbot Shot effect Flying Cannonbot Projectile effect
Flying Cannonbot Shot Flying Cannonbot Projectile
Shadow Tower
Shadow Bestiaries
Shadow Knight aura effect Shadow Knight Hands effect Dream Monster aura effect Shadow Knight Eyes aura effect
Shadow Knight Aura Shadow Knight Hands Dream Monster Aura Shadow Knight & Dream Monster Eyes
Flying Cannonbot Prop Spin effect Flying Cannonbot Shot effect Flying Cannonbot Projectile effect
Flying Cannonbot Prop Spin Flying Cannonbot Shot Flying Cannonbot Projectile
Spike Walker
Weeping Prophet
Vengeful Pinata God
Daughter of the Moon
DOTM Spinning effect DOTM Geyser effect DOTM Hand Laser effect DOTM Meteor Explosion effect
Spinning Geyser Hand Laser Meteor Explosion
DOTM Phase 1 effect DOTM Phase 2 effect
Phase 2 Transforming Phase 4 Transforming
Novice Adventure Portal effect Adept Adventure Portal effect Elite Adventure Portal effect Master Adventure Portal effect
Novice Adventure Portal small Novice Adventure Portal Adept Adventure Portal small Adept Adventure Portal Elite Adventure Portal small Elite Adventure Portal Master Adventure Portal small Master Adventure Portal
Uber Adventure Portal effect Realm Portal Sky effect Hub Portal effect Shadow portal
Uber Adventure Portal small Uber Adventure Portals Realm Portal Sky small Realm Portal Sky Hub Portal small Hub Portal Shadow Tower Portal small Shadow Key Mold
Battle Portal portal Featured 1 effect Featured 2 effect Featured 3 effect
50px Battle Portal Featured World small Featured World #1 Featured World small Featured World #2 Featured World small Featured World #3
Featured 4 effect Worldlink Portal effect Dungeon Portal effect 1 Dungeon Portal effect 2
Featured World small Featured World #4 Featured World small Club World Portal Dungeon Portals
Dungeon Portal effect 3 Origin Portal effect Origin Portal aka blue effect Hub Portal aka white effect
Dungeon Portals Origin Portal Potion small Origin Portal Potion TBA TBA
Radiant Aura
Weapon aura fire Weapon aura ice gif Weapon aura lightning gif
Wreath of Flames small Wreath of Flames Glacial Grip small Glacial Grip Fighting Lightning small Fighting Lightning
Weapon aura magic Weapon aura undead Weapon aura heart
Enhancement Enchantment small Enhancement Enchantment Curse of Mortality small Curse of Mortality Tough Love small Tough Love
Weapon aura corruption Weapon aura neon 01 Weapon aura ancient
Shadow Stain small Shadow Stain Neon Nemesis small Neon Nemesis Ancient Allure small Ancient Allure
Weapon aura lunar Weapon aura bone Weapon aura melee mastery
Moonlit Majesty small Moonlit Majesty Vile Majesty small Vile Majesty Mark of Mastery small Mark of Mastery
TBA Weapon aura water Weapon aura sky
50px Brian's Balefire Aura 50px Brian's Water Aura 50px Brian's Sky Aura
Wings of the Phoenix effect Wings of Lunacy effect Radical Rainbow Wings effect
Wings of the Phoenix small Wings of the Phoenix Wings of Lunacy small Wings of Lunacy Radical Rainbow Wings small Radical Rainbow Wings
Balefire Wings effect Neophyte's Wings effect Aquabatic Ailerons effect
Balefire Wings small Balefire Wings Neophyte's Wings small Neophyte's Wings Aquabatic Ailerons small Aquabatic Ailerons
Stormcaller's Wings effect Pearlescent Pinions effect Master's Wings effect
Stormcaller's Wings small Stormcaller's Wings Pearlescent Pinions small Pearlescent Pinions Master's Wings small Master's Wings
Dark Infineon Wings Ladybug Wings Xero Line Wings
Dark Infineon Wings small Dark Infineon Wings Ladybug Wings small Ladybug Wings Xero Line Wings small Xero Line Wings
Neon Nightsky effect Adept's Wings effect Soulfire Wings effect
Neon Nightsky small Neon Nightsky Adept's Wings small Adept's Wings Soulfire Wings small Soulfire Wings
Midnight Mantle effect Wings of Darkest Night effect Bloodseeker Wings effect
Midnight Mantle small Midnight Mantle Wings of Darkest Night small Wings of Darkest Night Bloodseeker Wings small Bloodseeker Wings
Arcanium Discord effect Test Wings effect Chaos Butterfly effect
Arcanium Discord small Arcanium Discord 50px Test Wings Chaos Butterfly small Chaos Butterfly
Wings of Unexpected Ascension effect Insect Wings effect Wings of Shadowy Descent effect
Wings of Unexpected Ascension small Wings of Unexpected Ascension Insect Wings Wings of Shadowy Descent small Wings of Shadowy Descent
Junebug Wings effect
Junebug Wings
Flasks & Emblems
Flask effect Trailblazer's Flask effect Flask of Zeal effect Arcane Flask effect
Vials Trailblazer's Flask small Trailblazer's Flask Flask of Zeal small Flask of Zeal Arcane Flask small Arcane Flask
Vampiric Vial effect Juggernaut Flask effect Vial of Minion Multiplication effect Vital Greatflask effect
Vampiric Vial small Vampiric Vial Juggernaut Flask small Juggernaut Flask Vial of Minion Multiplication small Vial of Minion Multiplication Vital Greatflask small Vital Greatflask
Trailblazing Emblem effect Double Damage Emblem effect Double Damage Emblem effect Damage Reflection Emblem effect
Trailblazing Emblem small Trailblazing Emblem Arcane Emblem small Arcane Emblem Martial Emblem small Martial Emblem Damage Reflection Emblem small Damage Reflection Emblem
Unyielding Emblem effect Soothing Rain Emblem effect Energizing Rain Emblem effect Chronomantic Emblem effect
Unyielding Emblem small Unyielding Emblem Soothing Rain Emblem small Soothing Rain Emblem Energizing Rain Emblem small Energizing Rain Emblem Chronomantic Emblem small Chronomantic Emblem
Vampiric Emblem effect Megaminer Emblem effect Surestrike Emblem effect Decoy Emblem effect
Vampiric Emblem small Vampiric Emblem Megaminer Emblem small Megaminer Emblem Surestrike Emblem small Surestrike Emblem Decoy Emblem small Decoy Emblem
Loot Rarity
Uncommon Rarity Rare Rarity Epic Rarity Legendary Rarity
Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Relic Rarity Respledent Rarity Shadow Rarity
Relic Respledent Shadow Radiant