Zeus' Temple
Type Lair
Designer Ajmgiw
Biome Medieval Highlands

The Zeus Temple is a Lair that generates randomly in the Medieval Highlands biome and in the Cursed Skylands. As the name implies, it is inspired from the ancient Greek temples.


The structure resembles the Parthenon and a small staircase is found in the middle of the structure. At the entrance of the staircase are 4 traps.

The player may go down the staircase which leads to the main room. The main room contains some enemies/traps and a portal which leads directly into the boss room. In some variations water can be found flowing down the walls.

The boss room is mostly empty and is directly below the main floor. Some traps can be found. Cursed Skulls also are found in this dungeon in place of the boss. In the floor a lightning bolt is found as a reference to Zeus.


  • The simplest way to complete the lair is to follow the staircase down to the main room and enter through the portal directly into the boss room.
  • For those unwilling to go down staircases the player when outside may use 1-2 bombs right before the first step of the Parthenon to enter the main room.
    • This is a very inefficient method in terms of bombs.
  • Instead of using the portal, the player can bomb the floor of the main room and enter the boss room.
    • This is a very inefficient method in terms of bombs.
  • The player may also go to one of corners of the main room and jump down directly into the boss room.
  • In the Cursed Skylands the lair is found frequently with the boss room exposed below the islands. In this case the player can use their legendary dragon to bomb their way into the boss room.


Enemy Regular Spawn Lair Boss
Enemy Skeleton Skeleton Yes
Enemy Wraith Wraith Yes
Enemy Golden Beetle Golden Beetle Yes
Enemy Mushroom King Mushroom King Yes
Enemy Dark Mushroom King Dark Mushroom King Yes